Why Choose OC QDRO?

Assistance With a Full Range of QDRO and Family Law Issues

Very few family law attorneys also handle QDROs. And not all QDRO attorneys handle separate family law issues. At OC QDRO, we do both.

If you hire OC QDRO, in Orange County, California, we will work closely with you to understand all of the divorce, family law and financial issues that may affect the division of your retirement assets. Our focus is on helping you maximize all benefits to which you are entitled.

Why choose OC QDRO?

Filing a QDRO is a legal matter. If a QDRO is not drafted or filed properly, it may be rejected by the court. The procedures and rules are strict and unforgiving, and one mistake may result in the loss of precious retirement assets.

There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter QDRO. All retirement plans have different features and characteristics, so each QDRO must be tailored to the terms of the particular plan and must consider the specific circumstances of the payees. Trying to handle the complex QDRO process on your own — or working through a retirement plan administrator — creates headaches, prolongs the process and leaves plenty of room for error.

All QDRO’s are attorney prepared, no work is handled by paralegals or secretaries.

Many of our clients have unsuccessfully attempted the “do it yourself” web sites process. Do it yourself web sites sound easy and cheap but the QDRO process is complex

If possible, to control the process of your QDRO and for your benefit be sure that YOU hire the QDRO attorney and not your spouse.

If your spouse is having the QDRO prepared then have Attorney McClintock review that QDRO to make sure that your rights are protected.  Attorney McClintock often reviews such QDRO prepared by others.

QDRO Assistance for Law Firms and Attorneys Throughout Southern California

An experienced QDRO lawyer who is well versed in this complex area of the law will be able to help you achieve the most favorable outcome, while streamlining the process and alleviating any undue pressure you may be experiencing.

At OC QDRO, we have more than 30 years of experience handling the drafting and filing of QDROs. We can represent you in the QDRO process even if you are represented by another lawyer for other aspects of your divorce.

At OC QDRO, you will work directly with our attorney throughout the entire process. Your case will never be handed off to an associate or legal assistant. We are accessible to our clients and accommodating to your individual needs and concerns. Our hands-on approach will help you get the most out of your retirement assets.

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You can trust the dedicated and experienced lawyers at OC QDRO to protect your financial future. Call us toll free at 877-890-6154 to discuss your case. You can also contact us online.



Law Office of Douglas McClintock
Mr. McClintock was instrumental in getting my QDRO done efficiently. This was an area that I was not at all familiar with. Attorney McClintock made this process a breeze. He requested a few files and some paper work. The rest was done on time and on task. I appreciate his expertise on this matter.

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